Register for International Games Week

Registration for IGW 2017 is open. Please subscribe to the blog to get updates about new donations or events.

Register for IGW at

Please register each library participating separately.

International Games Week Map
This year you will be adding your own library event information to the IGW Map using a Google form. Each library that registers will need a separate Gmail to pin their location. This allows you to edit the info about each specific library’s event. This map will update daily.

IGW Map Form

Feel free to submit any questions using the GameRT contact us form.

Thanks for participating!

IGW Committee
Diane Robson (ALA GameRT)
Rebecca Richardson (ALA GameRT)
Teresa Slobuski (ALA GameRT)
Hannah Tracy (ALA GameRT)
Brian Mayer (ALA GameRT)
Philip Minchin (ALIA/Australia)
Ben Manolas (ALIA/Australia)
Darren Edwards (ALA GameRT/UK)
Tommi Tossavainen (Nordic Game Day)
Francesco Mazzetta (AIB/Italy)