2023 ALA Annual Mystery Hunt

This is a game that is designed to be fun while introducing you to some upcoming GameRT events and board members. 

Where is Thomas? is a short mystery where you’ll be given clues and be asked to solve…

It’s time for ALA’s Annual Conference in Chicago! The elite members of the Guild of Mysteries have converged on the Windy City, and they are on high alert, wondering what shenanigans could possibly arise… Last year’s island retreat wasn’t nearly as relaxing as they might have hoped.

The most anticipated event of the conference (yes, even bigger than Judy Blume!) is the ALA Trivia Championship, on Sunday, June 25th from 7:00 – 9:00 PM at the Hyatt Regency McCormick, Grant Park ABC. Librarians from all over the country have been training all year for the highly coveted position of Reference Champions of America A day before the Championship, however, an encrypted message goes out to all agents. You quickly decode it to reveal this message: “THOMAS IS MISSING.” Thomas Vose, outgoing GameRT President and emcee for the Trivia competition, has disappeared and foul play is suspected. 

Agents, your mission is clear. Senior agents on the ground have narrowed down suspects, their potential accomplices, times, and places that may have been involved in the crime; we need your help matching potential suspects to the time, potential crime scene, and accomplices they may have used. A handful of clues have been identified, as well. Using this information, track the activities of all known GameRT board members present at ALA Annual and fill out the logic grid–an inside tip indicates one of them may have had something to do with the kidnapping. Once done that should help you decipher the final cryptic text that Thomas sent out and hopefully help us find our missing member. It’s crucial we locate him in time to host the Trivia Championship!

Solve the puzzle

Part 1: Fill Out The Logic Puzzles Using the Clues 

All potential Suspects

  • Amber Sewell, GameRT Member at Large
  • Danielle Costello, GameRT Member at Large
  • Joshua Newport, GameRT Member at Large
  • Liz Brown, GameRT Secretary

All Potential Times Thomas Went Missing

  • 9:00 AM
  • 10:00 AM
  • 2:00 PM
  • 7:00 PM

All Potential Places Where Thomas Could Have Been Kidnapped

  • Booth 1319
  • Gaming Grove
  • Hyatt Regency McCormick, Grant Park ABC
  • McCormick Place, W193

All Potential Accomplices

  • George Bergstrom, GameRT President Elect
  • Molly Porter, GameRT Member at Large
  • Rebecca Strang, GameRT President
  • Soline Holmes,  GameRT Member


  • Danielle and Liz were at their potential crime scenes at either at 9AM or 7PM
  • Joshua and Amber’s potential crime scene were either Booth 1319 or the Gaming Grove
  • Rebecca and George were accomplices to folks whose first name starts with a consonant
  • Joshua was seen at his potential crime scene on an even hour 
  • For the conference Soline and Liz were always  seen walking out of the same places at the same times 
  • Danielle and Liz were never seen at Booth 1319 or Gaming Grove
  • An agent saw George at his potential crime scene Booth 1319 at 2:00PM
  • At 10:00 AM an agent had a confirmed sighting of Molly at her potential crime scene 
  • Liz overslept because of the time change and she didn’t go to anything until after 10AM
  • Rebecca and Danielle were lost most of the conference and never figured out how to get to Grant Park ABC 
  • Amber was never seen at any location with the number in the name
  • Only Joshua’s accomplice had a last name with more than 6 letters 
  • There were no events at McCormick Place W193 after 2:00 PM
  • Amber, Rebecca, George, and Liz never saw each other at the conference

Solve the puzzle

Printable logic grid

2023 ALA Annual Resource List

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