ALA Annual 2014 GameRT Conference Program

Using Meaningful Gamification to Motivate Library Users: A Hands-on Workshop by Scott Nicholson

Meaningful Gamification is the use of game design elements to help someone find meaning in a real-world setting.  It is focused on using concepts like play, reflection, and engagement instead of rewards to engage users. In this workshop, Dr. Scott Nicholson, director of the Because Play Matters game lab from the iSchool at Syracuse University, will lead attendees through the process of developing library campaigns around reward-based gamification and meaningful gamification for a program, service, or other need.  Attendees should come prepared with some aspect of a library that they would like to motivate patrons to engage with through game elements.

Come Make a Game: Library Game Jams by Scott Nicholson

Game Jams are intense game-creation experiences where participants create a game in a short period of time. Tabletop Game Jams require little more than poster board, index cards, and markers, and Digital Game Jams can be done with free game creation software. Libraries can use Game Jams to bring together a group of patrons to address a local need through the power of play.  At this session, Scott Nicholson, director of the Because Play Matters game lab at the Syracuse University School of Information Studies, and members of the Games and Gaming Round Table will facilitate a Game Jam, where you will be making a game!  Once you have participated in a game jam, you will have the knowledge and experience to bring this low-cost, high-impact and flexible gaming program back to your library!

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