ALA GameRT RPG Guild

You are invited to our brand new RPG guild!

About a month ago, GameRT’s own Danielle Costello presented a webinar on how to run a TTRPG Session Zero. A Session Zero is where the players work out not just the type of game they want to play, but how they want to play with each other. 

GameRT members can log in to see the recording here:

The session got great feedback and players wanted a way to keep the ball rolling, to get more resources and even practice running their own RPG campaigns. So GameRT’s President-Elect, Rebecca Strang, set up a Discord server where players can meet up, share resources, and practice running TTRPGs. Librarians are also welcome to come and just watch others play the games. 

If you are at all interested in running, playing or watching an RPG, please join us! Although this is particularly set up for beginner players, all levels are welcome. Although we would love if you formally join GameRT, all are welcome to join this discord.

Happy Gaming!

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