ALA Midwinter 2013 GameRT Conference Program

Through the Looking Glass of Assessment: Developing an assessment toolkit to help spread the word about the value of games in libraries by Ron T. Brown

This presentation will evaluate how libraries assess their gaming programs and will discuss a current work in progress that aims to build an assessment toolkit that can be used by both established and new game programs. Discussion will follow about the importance of assessment, what types of assessments are already being done now, who are the main audiences for assessment data, and the types of assessment tools libraries and game programs need immediately.

What Exactly is an “Action-Adventure” Game, Anyway? : Providing Intelligent Access to Video Games by Violet Fox

This presentation will report on a continuing research project to develop a formal metadata schema for video games. Employing a user-centered design approach, the project aims to address the gap between current metadata standards and gamers’ browsing, searching, and retrieval needs

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