ALA Midwinter 2014 GameRT Conference Program

Golden Gamers: Equitable and Inclusive Gaming Events for the Elderly by John Pappas

Tabletop board gaming is a creative, multi-generational, social and fun activity. While there is a broad swatch of recreational activities for the 65+ crowd, generally gaming is left out. Conversations with the Senior Activities Board of the Upper Darby Libraries confirmed this with traditional video games providing an engaging experience but accessibility tends to be a challenge due to physical determinants (carpal tunnel, poor eyesight, arthritis) and experiential (with a large learning curve required for many video games). Tabletop board games provide an experience that is interactive, social, cognitive and engaging. With concerns over Alzheimer’s and social isolation, this is an important subject for many seniors. The Primos Library instituted a series of programs “Tabletop Gaming at the Library” (intergenerational, weekly), The Game Designer’s Guild (monthly, intergenerational) and the “Golden Gamers” (65+, Monthly-Weekly dependent upon interest) each providing a gaming experience for burgeoning and experienced gamers of any age.

In this talk, Pappas will discuss the initial planning, marketing, collection development and community engagement elements of the series as well as successes and challenges. A large portion of the talk will be on game selection for this age group including issues such as the level of social interaction inherent in the game, types of games, levels of complexity and iconography.

Programs to Die For: Adult Murder Mysteries in the Library by Audrey Barbakoff

Mysteries are among the most popular books at any public library. Get your armchair sleuths excited, engaged, and interacting with an after-hours murder mystery program! Learn how to create a story that will engage people of all ages, transform your library into the scene of the crime, and run an event to die for. Be inspired by details and materials from several highly successful murder mystery events at Kitsap Regional Library, WA. These programs are a memorable, fresh way to get people outside your usual audience to come and play.

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