Alignment: How Connecting Games Opens Doors

Christopher Harris and Brian Mayer from Genesee Valley BOCES talked about their document, Board Games and the AASL Standards for 21st century learners [inactive] that aligns board games with AASL standards.

Using a tag team approach, Brian spoke about selection: using authentic games–ones that are not designed to teach something specific (95% of those fail). Choose games with curriculum alignment–addresses specific content. Time is a factor that comes into play–a game that you can introduce, teach, play and discuss in 42 minutes (average class period). finally, think about return on investment–consider what the students will get from playing the game.

Brian tapped out and Chris talked about alignments using The Making of a President: 1960 to share how the game aligns to New York State curriculum and AASL Standards.

Paul Waelchli from St. Norbert’s College rotated in to talk about aligning board and video games with ACRL standards for information literacy; bringing it into daily life, even, using gaming as a bridge to learning and developing a specific skillset. Paul pointed out that Fantasy sports games are played by 19.4 million players–more than World of Warcraft! and playing fantasy football involves active application of information literacy.

Q. What is the role of the school librarian here?

A. to be the liaison, the entry point.