Ask the Hive Mind: How Do You Shelve Games?

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One of the major issues to consider when you are first looking to begin a circulating game collection at a library is how to shelve the items! Space in any library facility is finite, but you still want items to be easily accessible and browsable for patrons. Games come in a variety of shapes and sizes, which increases the difficulty of finding an efficient system that works for your space. With this in mind comes the January Hive Mind question:

How do you shelve your circulating game collection? 

Below are pictures of different storage solutions that Libraries have come up with! Each of these photos were submitted by users on the GameRT Facebook page to be shared with the blog! Thank you to everyone who participated!

Lebanon Public Library, Oregon. Large games are shelved with canvas band closures, and small games are stored in hanging bags. 
Birmingham Public Library (AL), Springville Road Branch, Children’s game collection
Birmingham Public Library (AL), Springville Road Branch, Adult’s game collection
Tarrant County College -Tahitia Fulkerson Library at Trinity River Campus
Cadott Community Library, Cadott, WI
Wells County Public Library (Bluffton, IN)
Allen County Public Library, Main Branch (Fort Wayne, IN)
Allen County Public Library, Little Turtle branch (Fort Wayne, IN)
They use the box as a dummy case and repackage the games into folios or zipper bags stored behind the desk.
Hoover Public Library (AL) children’s game collection
Photo Submitted by Mallory Thompson on the GameRT Facebook Page

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