Black History Month Special

Last Year the GameRT Lists and Awards committee wrote a great list of games by Black Creators for Black History Month, ( 

This year we decided to switch it up and list a few of our favorite reviewers of color and organizations devoted to promoting and supporting black creators and gamers.

Following diverse communities on social media is a great way to expand game knowledge and learn about how these communities experience games and gaming. This GAMERT list focuses on some of these groups:

3 Black Halflings

• Linktree:
• Youtube:

3 Black Halflings are a group of content creators that focus on topics of diversity, inclusion, and change in Dungeons & Dragons and other ttrpgs. They can be found on Youtube and Patreon, and their podcast is available on several platforms. Follow them on Discord, Instagram and Twitter.


• Youtube:

Husband and Wife Dwayne and Alicia teach and review board games. There are very cute and sweet interactions between this husband and wife team. They have a recurring segment in which they choose a seasonal theme and promote games focused on that theme. 

Black Girl Gamers

• Website: (social media is listed at the bottom of the page)

Black Girl Gamers is an inclusive online gaming community devoted to creating a safe space for black women in gaming. What started as a small Facebook group has grown into a multi-platform organization that provides consulting, events, and community to black women in the gaming industry. They strive to highlight inclusive games, and they hope to be an agent of change in the gaming world at large.

The Black In Gaming Foundation

• Website:
• Twitter:

The Black In Gaming Foundation, also known as the BIG Foundation, is a non-profit organization that works to create space and opportunities in gaming for Black people. They also work to combat systemic racism and discrimination in the gaming workplace.

Black Voices in Gaming

• Website: (social media listed at the top of the page.)

Black Voices in Gaming is a non-profit organization aimed at growing the community of BIPOC developers and creators of culturally relevant games focused on the lived experience of BIPOC. This year, they’re launching the Accelerator Program and the Black Voices in Gaming Fund, which will provide Black game developers who have a game in production with critically necessary funding, resources, and mentorship. Follow them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitch, Twitter and Youtube.

Brown Girl Gamer Code

• Website: (social media listed at the bottom of each page.)

Brown Girl Gamer Code is a global online community for women and femmes of color in gaming and tech. It functions as a digital safe space, and they encourage equity and representation in gaming and the tech industry. They also have an educational Twitch channel. Follow them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitch Twitter and Youtube.

Game Devs of Color Expo

• Website: (social media listed at the bottom of each page.)

The Game Devs of Color Expo is an annual event meant to highlight the creative work of people of color throughout the gaming industry. The event shifted to a fully online presence following the Covid19 pandemic, which has given more people an opportunity to participate. They also offer funding and grants to game developers of color, such as the Humble Bundle Game Creator of Color Award. They have a game development toolkit at the bottom of the page as well. Follow them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube.

I Need Diverse Games

• Website: (social media listed at the top of each page.)

I Need Diverse Games is a not-for-profit organization focused on promoting the work of people of color and other marginalized identities in gaming and the game industry. They encourage diversity, equity and inclusion in all forms of gaming and related media. They strive to create safe spaces online for people of diverse backgrounds to have their voices heard on a wide range of topics and issues within gaming. Follow them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitch, Twitter, Tumbler and Youtube.

Melanin Gamers – Twitter

• Website: (social media listed at the top of each page.)
• Podcasts:

Melanin Gamers is an online community for people of color in the gaming industry. They are dedicated to not just creating safe spaces for gamers of color but also in calling for change in gaming culture through representation and inclusion at all levels of game production and play. They give space to both gamers and content creators and developers, and they hold events and programs for the community. Follow them on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitch, Twitter, Tumbler and Youtube.

Our Family Plays Games – YouTube

• Youtube:

Husband and Wife Mik and Starla’s mission is to bring more families in general and more persons of color in particular into the hobby.

Extra Resources:

Panel of Black Creators in Board Games:
Designers Talking Fun:
Black Voices in Gaming:
BGG Celebrating Black History Month 2022:

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