Clarification about OnePlay donation – it’s for a single user

Sorry everyone! Despite both seeking clarification before writing, and vetting the actual text of the last post before it went up, we managed to cross some wires between Europe, North America and Australia. (We all seemed to end up writing to each other between midnight and 6am in our respective local times, so I’m not entirely surprised!)

So, to be absolutely clear: the prize is not a 1-year subscription for the library as an e-lending service – it’s a one-year subscription for one library user of your choice.

This means you can use it as a (pretty awesome) prize, but you can’t actually use it for your own library service. Similarly, the $50 voucher received by the first 100 libraries is for giving to an individual user to spend on OnePlay’s store. OnePlay suggest using these donations for winners of any competitions you have locally, but they know that not all events will have a competitive element, so how you allocate them is entirely up to you!

I apologise wholeheartedly for the confusion and for any part I played in creating it. But the donations are still awesome and you should still definitely try and score one 🙂

Thanks again to OnePlay for these terrific donations!

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