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  1. PLEASE move the week BACK next year. Before Thanksgiving is the perfect time to promote learning new games to play with family and friends over the holidays.
    On our busy high school campus of 3500 students, putting on International Games Week THE SAME WEEK as Halloween week will be very difficult. We will be hosting Halloween scary dramatic readings downstairs, costume contests will be going on outside at lunch, and Dia de lost Muertos cultural activities will be happening at lunch the rest of the week.

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEEEEEEZZE schedule 2018 Games week for November 11-17, or at the earliest, November 4-10!! We LOVE games week, and our students love games week! Last year, having it the week before Thanksgiving break when the kids were ready to have fun was perfect (we extended the day into a week). Please bring it back to that November time frame next year!

    1. You are welcome to host games on a week that suits your school’s needs. We ask that you play games on or near this week each year. You are still welcome to register for donations if you can’t fit your event into the actual week. Our goal is to show the value of games. The date is secondary to this. Thanks for registering this year and have fun at all of your great events!

  2. Establish a consistent date for International Games Day or consistent dates for International Games Week. This is a mess.

    1. Consistent dates are highly preferable indeed. Please make sure that it’s not happening during Essen Spiel, though, because that would be a shame, as we as organisers are often required to go there and meet up with publishers.

      I’d prefer 2 – 3 weeks after Essen Spiel (so first or second week of November)

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