Donation Spotlight: Looney Labs

Each year participants in International Games Day are gifted games by our wonderful donors. Today we’ll look at the donations from Looney Labs.

Choose One!: How well do you know your friends?

It’s the moment of truth. Will your friend choose Outer Space or The Bottom of the Sea? Do they prefer the Window or the Aisle? Are they all about the Party or the After-Party? Successfully predict how your friends will answer thought-provoking questions like these and advance your token to the finish line!

Choose One is a great party game for getting to know new people or testing how well you know your friends! Each turn, one player acts as the Chooser. The Chooser selects a Topic Card which has two Choices on it — Hufflepuff or Slytherin? Ability to Teleport or Ability to Stop Time? It’s a game of educated guesses. What do you know about the Chooser? How would they decide? Guess correctly, move ahead! The Chooser moves ahead too unless everyone gets it right. The first player to the end of the board wins!

You can read more about this game here.


2014 Origins Awards Best Children’s, Family or Party Game Nominee

EcoFluxx: The Nature Game of Ever Changing Rules

In the wild, you must adapt to survive! Will you win by having your Bears Eat Fish? Or will someone change the Goal so that their Frogs and Insects can make Night Music? Play ecology-themed Actions and Rules like Scavenger or Composting, but watch out for Creeper cards like Forest Fire, that can hurt everyone! Discover a little about how things go together, with EcoFluxx – the nature game of ever-changing rules!

In nature, everything is always moving. Sometimes it is so subtle you may not notice the constant gentle sway or quiet bubbling. Change is also pretty constant in EcoFluxx, but definitely not subtle! The rules are simple — at first! Draw a card, play a card. Easy enough, right? However, new rules and goals complicate things. Keep your wits about you and pay attention to the Fluxx, and you may just survive, er… win.

You can read more about this game here.

Thank you, Looney Labs for helping make International Games Day a success each year!

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