Donation Spotlight: Steve Jackson Games

Each year participants in International Games Day are gifted games by our wonderful donors. Today we’ll look at the donations from Steve Jackson Games.

Munchkin Treasure Hunt

You are the munchkin in this game moving around the board using your treasure to fight one of six monsters (Ghost, Witch, Troll, Zombie, Goblin, and Dragon). Players draw a monster card that describes additional monster traits.

A roll of the dice and use of your treasure card determines your fate.




MunchkinWill your fluffy pillow or couch fort protect you? Find out as you travel around the board collecting gold and fighting monsters. The player with the most gold in their hand at the end of the game wins.

This game is a great introduction to Munchkin for 2 to 6 players ages 6+. Play time is 1 hour.

You can see more about this game here.

Trophy Buck: Dice game
Steve Jackson Games Trophy Buck

Trophy Buck is a push-your-luck dice game that has you out in the forest hunting deer. You roll the 12 dice to score the most points. Startle too many deer and your turn ends.



This simple game for 3 to 8 players ages 8+ can be taught in a single round.

You can see more about this game here.

Thank you, Steve Jackson Games for helping make International Games Day a success each year!

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