Donation spotlight: Yummy Yummy Tummy

Each year participants in International Games Day are gifted games by our wonderful donors. Today we’ll look at the donations from Yummy Yummy Tummy

Nommons: Math Universe 

Nommons: Math Universe is a math game that lets kids learn addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division by engaging them in the challenge of space flight.

Yummy Yummy Tummy will be making this IOS game free in celebration of International Games Day Nov 20th-21st. Simply download from the app store to enjoy this game on your iPhone or iPad!

Nommons: Calcuquest

Following up the success of Math Universe, Yummy Yummy Tummy continues the learning and fun with their WiiU exclusive Nommons: Calcuquest, a monster catching RPG where you use math as your weapon.

Development of the WiiU game is a bit behind schedule, so all libraries can download a special PC version from


Thank you, Yummy Yummy Tummy for supporting IGD!

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