Donation: Wilson + Glimmer vs. Shrubbery

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International Games Week thanks Took 2 Long Productions for their generous donation of Wilson + Glimmer vs. Shrubbery for this year’s event. 

This 8-bit digital game, available for Windows computers, is a journey through the “dangerous” Hearnwood. Help Wilson, from the Mender’s Strife demo, and his faerie companion, Glimmer, as they travel through a forest dungeon. There will be monsters on top of monsters to defeat as you search for treasure in this single-player role-playing game. 

Are you ready for the challenge? Be ready for humor, puns, and fun as you play through this multilevel dungeon. 

Type: Single-Player RPG
Includes: Controller Support, Custom 8-Bit Graphics
Requires: Windows operating system

Thanks Took 2 Long Productions for donating to International Games Week 2019!

Took 2 Long Productions

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