Donor Spotlight: Escape from the Aliens in Outer Space (Osprey)

IGW thanks Osprey Games for the donation of Escape from Aliens in Outer Space. This is a bluffing and strategy card game for 2-8 players age 12 plus that takes about 20-45 minutes to play. In this game, players are in the dark on board a research ship where the systems have failed and a mysterious alien plague has crept aboard and is slowly turning crewmembers into monsters. 

Each human’s goal is to make it to one of the four functioning escape pods. Each alien’s goal is to hunt down and turn humans into more alien monsters before they can escape.

Players use a spiral binder with several hexagon map sheets and a dry-erase marker to plan and mark their moves. At the start of play, players choose a map and a card to see if they are a human or an alien monster. They then begin play and move around their map either trying to escape monsters or hunt humans.

Aliens and humans start at two separate starting points. Players mark their paths as they move, but keep their spiral closed so their opponents can’t see their movements. Aliens can move two spaces each turn, but humans can only move one. If the player lands on a grey hexagon, a card is drawn. These cards denote additional actions. A red card requires you to announce where you are, a green card lets you bluff and lie about your location, a white card includes further actions like gathering equipment or silence in all sectors. All of the cards are kept secret from other players. Aliens are not allowed to use equipment cards. 

If an Alien thinks he has found a human, he can announce where he is located and attack. If he is successful in attacking a human, they become an alien and are moved to the alien starting point. The first successful human kill allows that alien to move three spaces each turn. If an alien attacks another alien, that alien dies and is out of play. Play continues until all the humans escape for a win or 40 turns pass which denotes an alien win. 

Thanks, Osprey Games for another great donation!

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