Donor Spotlight: Insider (Oink Games)

IGW thanks Oink Games for the donation of their game Insider for this year’s event. Insider is a bluffing and deduction game where players try to find the correct answer to a quiz question despite the Insider’s manipulation and then work to unmask the Insider.

In this game, players are assigned one of three roles, game master, Insider, and the commons. At the start of the game the Insider and common role cards are shuffled and one is removed so there is no certainty that there is an Insider card in each round of play. The Master card is then shuffled into the deck. Once roles are chosen, the game master then reveals himself.

Everyone closes their eyes. The game master selects a card from the deck. Each of the cards has 6 words on the deck, the number on the back of the next card in the deck denotes which word is to be used for play. If the number three is on the back of the top card of the deck then the third word is the clue word. The game master then closes their eyes and the Insider opens theirs to see what the word is. The Insider closes their eyes and the game master opens theirs to flip the top card back over so the Commons don’t see it.

The timer is flipped and play begins. The rest of the players (commons) have five minutes to ask questions to determine the correct word. The game master will only answer with “yes”, “no”, or “I don’t know” to help guide them. The Insider knows the word and tries to guide the players toward the answer without giving themselves away. The goal is to guess the correct answer before the five minutes is over. If not, everyone loses.

If the correct word is guessed, the game master and commons then take five more minutes to guess who the Insider is. Players can say who they think the insider is or just point to who they think the Insider is with the majority winning. If the players don’t think there is an Insider in the round, they can point at the role deck. If they guess correctly, they win. If not, the Insider wins.

This game is for 4-8 players and is for ages 9 plus. It takes about 15 minutes to play. Insider includes 42 theme cards, 8 role-cards, a sand timer, and a game manual. Editions are available for use in several languages with an English edition, English/French/Spanish edition, and an English/German/French edition.

Thanks Oink Games for providing another great game to IGW 2019!

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