Donor Spotlight! Looney Labs

International Games Week would like to thank Looney Labs for their generous donation of Are You the Traitor? and Regular Show Fluxx.

Are You the Traitor? is a deduction-based card game that transforms a room full of friends (or occasionally strangers) into trusted allies…or possibly traitorous conspirators. Unlike similar games, a round can end at any time, giving it a twitchy standoff feel to ramp up the tension.  Without giving too much information away to your enemies, can you figure out for sure that a player is on your side?  (Yes, but are you certain?)

A round begins with each player being assigned a secret role—Wizard, Keyholder, Guard or Traitor. The players engage in conversation and try to figure out which person is their “target.” At any time, anyone other than the Traitor may point at another player and yell “Stop!”  If the Keyholder has chosen the Good Wizard, or if the Good Wizard or the Guard has grabbed the Traitor, or the Evil Wizard grabbed someone who is not the Keyholder, the forces of good have prevailed! The Keyholder, Good Wizard and Guard draw a Treasure Card.

But not all stories have happy endings. If the Evil Wizard has grabbed the Keyholder, or the Keyholder has mistakenly chosen the Evil Wizard, or a befuddled Guard or Good Wizard have grabbed anyone other than the Traitor, the forces of evil are triumphant and the Evil Wizard and Traitor take a Treasure Card.  Treasure Cards are worth between 0 and 5 points, and rounds continue until someone has 10 points or more. Whoever has the most points wins.
You can see a sample round in this YouTube video here:

Are You the Traitor? is a unique kind of social “role deduction” game.  There is no elimination of players; the rounds are quick but not timed, and go on only as long as needed before someone makes a decision. Depending on the group, the conversation can be drawn out and carefully mulled over or made in snap decisions, and either play style can affect the dynamics of the game. This is definitely one to bring out at game night!

Looney Labs has also graciously donated Regular Show Fluxx to participating librariesThis version of the game allows fans to play with the characters and themes of this popular Cartoon Network show. This card game includes 100 cards. It is for 2 to 6 players ages 8+. Gameplay can take from 10 to 40 minutes per game.

Thanks again to Looney Labs for being an IGW 2017 sponsor!




    1. These were offered through registration. If you didn’t see the item as you registered, they were most likely all already claimed. Thanks!

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