Donor spotlight: Megaland (Red Raven Games)

Megaland is a push your luck game designed by Ryan and Malorie Laukat where players take on the role of characters in a video game running through levels in search of treasure, while trying to avoid monsters and other pitfalls that can cause players to end the level empty-handed.

But unlike real video games, the treasure that players gain after a running level can be used as real currency back in Megaland City to purchase buildings that give players immediate rewards (coins) or recurring abilities throughout the game.

If you are familiar with other Ryan Laukat games, you will recognize his distinctive art style that has the ability to immerse players into the world of the game. Megaland is no different, and the uniquely designed characters, level cards, building cards and other components of the game helps to develop its video game theme.

All these attractive game components are stored in a two-piece custom designed Game Trayz insert, which helps to make setup and teardown of the game quick and easy. The gold tray stores the game’s heart, jump, and coin tokens, and can be removed from box to use during gameplay. The green insert stores the remaining game components and has enough space to store each building card type in its own card slot. Don’t forget to take a peek under the green insert for a hidden surprise.

Megaland is played in rounds comprised of three phases. In phase one players push their luck while advancing through revealed level cards. The goal is to collect as much treasure as possible, without “falling” out of the level empty-handed. Level cards with enemies cause players to take damage equal to the number of skulls on them. Players must watch how much damage they take- if left with zero hearts they fall out of a level which results in all gained treasures being discarded.

Phase two of the round starts after all players have returned home. During this part of the game, players can spend any collected treasures to buy building cards. Building cards are the main way to collect coins during the game. During this phase players can also spend treasure to buy additional hearts.

During the final phase of the round, any buildings with a moon symbol are activated, all unused treasures are discarded, hearts are reset, and level cards are shuffled. If any player has earned 20 coins by the end of this phase, the game immediately ends. The player with the most coins wins.

Megaland can be played with between 2 to 5 players. Games can be played fairly quickly once players understand the phases and can last 20 minutes. There are many different types of building cards included in the game, which gives the game good replayability.

A file that can be useful to players with any additional questions about how to play the game is this official errata and clarifications document from the game’s publisher, Red Raven Games.

Thanks to Red Raven Games for donating the game Megaland for International Games Week 2019!

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