Donor spotlight: Nine Tiles (Oink)

International Games Week 2019 thanks Oink Games for their donation of Nine Tiles, a dexterity and pattern recognition game.

Nine Tiles is a card game that includes pattern cards and tile cards. Each player has nine tiles with symbols on the front and back. Play starts by revealing the first pattern card. Players must quickly sort their tiles into the correct pattern. The first person to finish and tap the pattern card with wins that card. If they are wrong, they still get the card but it’s flipped and becomes a penalty.

A good memory and fast hands help as play continues until someone wins five pattern cards or until all of the pattern cards are gone in a feat of endurance. Each pattern card guessed correctly is one point. Fast hands can lead to a win, but don’t be too quick because the penalty cards can add up to a loss.

This is a quick and easy game to learn for ages 6+ for 2-4 players. Each game takes about 15 minutes so it works well for those in need of a quick game for icebreakers or tabling.

Thanks, Oink Games for this donation to IGW 2019! 

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