Donor Spotlight: Odin’s Ravens (Osprey)

Donor Spotlight: Odin’s Ravens (Osprey Games)

IGW thanks Osprey Games for another great donation with Odin’s Ravens!

Odin’s Ravens is a two-player card game for ages 10 plus and takes about 15-30 minutes to play. In this racing game, players are Odin’s ravens, Huginn and Munnin. These two ravens are sent out into the world each morning to gather and bring back news of what life is like. They have also become very competitive. Players race through the landscape as they return to Odin with their news. As they fly back they can rely on speed or the trickster Loki to win the race.

The game includes 106 cards and 2 wooden ravens. To play, sixteen flight path world cards are placed in a row on the table. Each player has a raven marker that they place at the beginning of the track. The player chooses five cards to begin their flight. To move ahead a player must play a matching land type or two of any other land types. Players can also play a Loki card to either fly faster or thwart their opponent by putting obstacles in their way or delaying their flight. The first Raven back wins the day!

This is an easy to learn game that is perfect for a quick game session or tabling to promote play in the library. IGW thanks Osprey Games for donating to this year’s event!

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