Donor Spotlight: さくらのきのぼり(Sakura no Kinobori)

IGW thanks Tsumikiya for donating さくらのきのぼり(Sakura no Kinobori) to IGW 2019!

Sakura loves trees and has climbed different trees from all over the world. This game is an easy to learn card game for 2-5 players ages 3+ where players try to build the tallest tree. The player with the most points wins the game. 

Game cards include Sequoia, Palm, Baobab, and Fir trees. There are also Sakura cards. Players take turns building the trees by choosing cards from a deck. There is a card for the root, stem, and top of each type of tree. The person who adds the last piece of the tree gets the entire tree. Each tree piece counts as a point with the Sakura card counting as three points. 

There are multiple Sakura cards and different types of birds on each card to encourage players to make original rules to add an extra challenge to this game. 

Thanks, Tsumikiya for donating さくらのきのぼり (Sakura no Kinobori) to Japanese libraries!

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