Donor Spotlight: Troll & Dragon (Loki)

IGW thanks Iello Games for their donation of the game Troll & Dragon for 2019.  In this game, your goal is to collect the most treasure for your king without disturbing the monsters!

Troll & Dragon is a game for 2-5 players ages 7 plus and takes about 20 minutes to play. It includes 60 diamonds, 50 gold nuggets, 5 adventure packs, 1 troll hand, 8 dice, 1 rule book, and 1 monster den (the box).

In this competitive risk-taking game, players need to gather gold or diamonds for their king’s glory. There are diamond grotto dice, treasure dice, and dragon dice. The white diamond grotto dice each have a diamond, a key, a door, and a troll. The yellow gold treasure dice are either blank or include gold nuggets denoting how much gold can be gathered. The dragon dice has an image of a dragon on either one or two sides with the rest blank.

All of the resources are placed in the box which is the monster lair. The troll hand is placed on the table and each player chooses an adventure pack/money bag. 

The first player rolls the diamond (white dice). If the player rolls a diamond they can take a diamond and set it to the side, if they roll a door and a key, they can unlock the gold treasure room, if they roll a troll that dice stays on the table. The player continues rolling for as long as they dare or can move to the next phase. If four troll dice are on the table they lose all of their loot to the troll.

The door and key combination open the gold cavern. The player opening the door gets the golden nugget dice and their opponent gets the dragon dice. They both roll the dice to gain nuggets or dragons. The dragon dice are rolled until a dragon appears. The player then yells, “Dragon!” The second die is then rolled until a second dragon is awakened. The treasure hunter keeps gathering gold as long as they dare before a dragon awakes. If the dragons awaken before the treasure hunter finishes his play he loses his gold which is then split between the other players.

Play continues around the table until all of the gold, diamonds or both are gone. At the end of the game, players add up their diamonds and gold to see who was the most successful treasure hunter.

Thanks, Iello for donating another great game to IGW 2019! 

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