Donor Spotlight: Tsumikiya’s Sakura no Daibouken

International Games Week thanks Tsumikiya for their donation of Sakura no Daibouken/Sakura’s Great Adventure.

In Sakura no Daibouken, players work cooperatively as a lovable monkey and his pals in a journey around the world. They seek seven jewels in their quest for the Golden Banana. But beware, Monkey X, the pirate, is also after the Golden Banana.

In this game, players use numbered action cards to move Sakura around the board to collect the seven jewels. If a square has a jewel the player takes it and places it aboard the ship at the top of the board.

Several of the action cards help players move more efficiently around the board. They are the Magnetic Needle which allows a player to check the top card; the Telescope which allows a player to check the next three top cards; and the Rudder which allows you to move anywhere on the board. Use these wisely to gather gems, but beware! One of the action cards moves the Monkey X Pirate ship! Once it advances five squares up the pirate column the game is over.

And remember, cooperation is necessary to achieve victory and the Golden Banana. 

This game is for 2-5 players age 6+ and takes about 10 minutes to play.

Thanks, Tsumikiya for donating to International Games Week 2019!

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