Donor Spotlight: Welcome to the Dungeon (Iello)

IGW thanks Iello for donating the game Welcome to the Dungeon to this year’s event. This card game created by Masata Uesugi and Paul Mafayon is for 2-4 players ages 10 plus and takes about 30 minutes to play.

In this game, players are heroes seeking treasure in a dungeon, but they must defeat a series of monsters to get to the gold. Will you be brave enough to enter? The goal is to either be the last hero standing or to fight your way through the monsters to win 2 two gold cards.

The game is played in rounds with 4 player aid cards, 13 monster cards, 28 tiles (heroes and their equipment), 8 success cards, and 1 rulebook. Players choose one hero to enter the dungeon (warrior, barbarian, mage, or rogue). This tile is placed on the table along with their equipment tiles. Gameplay begins with each player taking one of three actions: draw a monster card and add it to the dungeon face down, draw a monster card and discard it along with one of the hero’s equipment tiles, or pass and be out of play for the rest of the round. The last player to not pass becomes the hero and now must fight his way through the dungeon. A player gets two lives before they are eliminated from play. 

Players push their luck as they dare the other adventurers to battle the monsters in the dungeon with the weapons and equipment left on the table. This requires a good memory for what the player has already placed in the dungeon and a good bit of luck that the remaining equipment will beat whatever monsters others have played. There are two ways to win. Brave the dungeon, survive the battle, and walk away with two gold cards or watch it all happen and live to tell the tale after all of the others have died.

Thanks, Iello for donating Welcome to the Dungeon to IGW 2019! 

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