Don’t forget to submit your DEMCO contest entry

As you reflect on your 2011 National Gaming Day event, we hope you’re also working on your ¬†DEMCO National Gaming Day contest entry to win a $3,000 Gaming Gear Package. Read the full details here to make sure all of your electronic paperwork is in order (the deadline is tomorrow, 12/14)¬†because winning this prize can definitely make a difference in your library. Here’s how winning last year’s DEMCO contest helped the Malta Township Public Library.

“We are so thankful to have the gaming equipment. The greatest impact from having the Wii and Xbox packages was during summer reading. The gaming stations were set up in the Enchanted Forest (summer reading theme was A Midsummer Knight’s Read) where pines, oaks, palms, cedars and ficus could be found containing dancing lights, fairies, and many other creatures. In order to gain access to the forest, kindergartners through 12th graders had to read for a minimum of 3 hours to earn 1/2 hour on the gaming equipment. They were allowed just one entry per week, but that was okay with them.

We always have a lot of reading going on, but this year, the number of individuals completing the program doubled that of last year. When I asked the kids why they read more, they all agreed it was to earn time gaming. I have never been a big proponent of gaming in libraries, but we have taken the concept and used it to increase literacy in our community We are excited about National Gaming Day 2011 and will be participating. Since we have won already, we will not be entering [again], sharing the fun with others. Good luck to the next DEMCO winner.

Thanks again,
Peggy Wogen
Director, Malta Township Public Library

What could your library do with this type of boost in support? Enter the contest and tell us!

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