Dryden Press – Big Damn Dryden 2503

International Games Day keeps getting better!

Dryden House is offering a free copy of the introductory version of Big Damn Dryden RPG to everyone participating in International Game Day.

“Players in Big Damn Dryden take on the role of Cubies, corporate bounty hunters, pirates, and assassins in a high-tech quest for profits and glory. The role of a Cubie is to seek solutions to the problems of their patron Corporation.” — game manual

Download this RPG and bring glory to your Corporation [inactive]!

“The Dryden Universe is a vast science fiction universe that runs from the day after tomorrow into the mists of time.  What makes it amazing is that the whole things, all the environments, all the art, is available under the Creative Commons 4.0 BY-SA.” — www.rpgnow.com

Thanks, Dryden House for this donation!




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