Eaten by a Grue*

Eaten by a Grue” is a new blog on videogames & libraries, with a focus on research libraries.  Dave Carter at University of Michigan’s Art,
Architecture & Engineering Library reports that the library is starting up a computer & videogame collection/archive, that will be a  a ‘usable’ archive, where students & researchers can come to the game room and use the games. The intent is to offer “everything from the early 80s consoles to the latest and greatest!”

This is only the second  permanent library space I’ve heard of to be dedicated to gaming (the first is Syracuse’s GameLab, of course) . Both projects goes way beyond a PlayStation in the Teen Area or hauling out some consoles for an after-hours program.

Follow the progress of the program at

If you’ve got a space like this in the works, we’d love to hear about it!

* What’s a grue? A nod to Zork, a popular interactive fiction text adventure circa 1977.