GAMA/GameRT Donation Partnership

Hello, everyone – we at GameRT have a great new opportunity for interested libraries to pursue to potentially obtain donations!
We’re seeking libraries interested in participating in a pilot program through the Game Manufacturers Association (GAMA) to partner with tabletop game publishers and retail game stores to get tabletop games into library collections and programming.

Participation in the pilot is limited. The pilot program will focus on public libraries, but other library types can fill out this form to get added to the contact list. Libraries not chosen for the pilot have the option of remaining on GAMA’s contact list to be notified when the full program rolls out at a later date.

Pilot Roll-out: April 2022
Pilot Completion: May 2022
Fill out the application here for consideration and let’s make something new and cool for the Library world together!

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  1. Thank you! We have been wanting to update the games for our homeschool and families game programs.

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