Game Contests

H&M announced the winning virtual design chosen from over 1000 entries to be created in real life. The black and white striped tunic/sundress will retail for about $15 beginning July 31.

Julie Brasil of San Francisco is the winner of the Sony G.I.R.L. (Games in Real Life) game design competition. The prize? A paid internship at Sony Online Entertainment, and a $10,000 scholarship to attend the Art Institutes School. Official G.I.R.L. t-shirts and a blog about her internship experience are forthcoming.

How could your library duplicate one of these contests? Certainly, you could provide tools for a costume or clothing design contest for the Sims or Teen Second Life, using software like Gimp or Photoshop.

And for game design, there are lots of free tools out there for making text adventure, 2-D and 3-D games:

Check out this article on Teaching Game Design from School Library Journal!