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Game Library Camp at The British Library, UK

On Saturday 12th August there will be a fun filled game themed Library Camp at the British Library, London UK. This will be an unconference dedicated to sharing best practice in the use of games and play in libraries. Furthermore,  it is intended to inspire librarians and library staff from across the UK to host their own game initiatives and events as part of the International Games Week later in the year.

The camp will be a space to discuss both game playing and making, game of all types, digital or tabletop, serious or silly, for any audience, adults or children, professionals or the public. The afternoon is being organized by Darren Edwards (Bournemouth Libraries), Gary Green (Surrey Libraries) and Stella Wisdom (The British Library) under the Games & GLAMs banner. This is an online forum for the discussion of games within the gallery, library, archive and museums sectors, you can follow the group on Twitter @Games_GLAMs.

The event will run from 12 noon to 4:30pm at The British Library’s Knowledge Centre, tickets are FREE and available from, we suggest booking early to secure a place, also you can follow #GameLibCamp17 on Twitter for discussion before and during the event. Hope to see you there.

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