GameRT Ballot: Meet the President-Elect Candidate

Hey Games and Gaming Roundtable members! It’s voting season once more, and we have some exciting candidates on the ballot this year. By now you should have received your ALA ballot in your email with your unique login. At this month’s Board Meeting, we had the candidates introduce themselves; below, we share each excellent member and what makes them awesome. We have some time left, but remember to cast your vote by April 7!

Running uncontested this year for President-Elect is Rebecca Strang. Rebecca is a Children’s Librarian at Naperville Public Library in Naperville, IL. Rebecca currently sits on the GameRT Board as a Member-at-Large. Rebecca has done a lot so far on the Board, including being a regular presence on the GameRT Discord and helping to run our popular virtual gaming nights. Rebecca also presented on a panel all about virtual gaming at this year’s virtual Midwinter and has been working with Past President Jenn Barlett to continue establishing robust partnerships between game publishers.

In addition to her involvement in GameRT, Rebecca actively shares her expertise and enthusiasm for games in libraries through a variety of online mediums. Check out some of her contributions below:

As Presdient-Elect, Rebecca hopes to continue building resources of webinars and game nights for GameRT members and to expand International Games Week to a longer celebration.

Check back for another post about our excellent Member-at-Large candidates!

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