Games in Libraries Episode 8!

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If you missed the Games, Learning and Libraries Symposium, get the wrap up at the roundtable discussion following Open Night on Monday night. Also features interview with Nintendo, Highsmith and Wizards of the Coast, and a reminder about National Gaming Day activities (now past, but may give you ideas for next year!). In this episode:

  • Nintendo reports that more libraries that bring video games into the library increase attendance and 1/3 return for other (non-gaming) programs. We are encouraging the libraries to put video game systems into their libraries – it’s up to them to decide what kind of programs they want to do, how they want to check things out, etc.
  • Highsmith now sells library tables with boards from chess/checkers/backgammon painted on, and bundles packages of Wii consoles controllers, games and televisions on locking carts. They sell the cobalt flux pads with 2-year warranties.
  • Wizards of the Coast introduces WizardsPlay¬†for organizing programs.