Games in Libraries – News Roundup

Here’s a quick roundup of how gaming in libraries is making the news as we approach International Games Week!

Newfoundland and Labrador Public Libraries received a large donation from Timemasters, Inc that has enabled them to start lending board games throughout the provinces!

Hampton Bays Public Library in New York has a group of seniors that plays mahjong, canasta and bridge, and are victims of their own success, with staff having to make decisions about having to cut back from four days a week to two to enable other programs to take place.

Cranford Public Library in New Jersey is pairing the old school with the new, offering Battleship side-by-side with Mario Kart to widen appeal.

DeKalb Public Library in Georgia has a lineup of tournaments stretching through October as part of its Video Gaming Club for teens and tweens, partnering with The Gaming Goat, a local store.

Muskogee Public Library in Oklahoma is going all out with their own MiniCon – complete with music, cosplay, tournaments and even a tea party!

Minot Public Library in North Dakota is starting their own Game Night, with board games available for free play.  They’re also going to be holding an introductory session on Dungeons and Dragons for teens!


  1. My father obtained a European patent, on a Boardgame, called ‘ALA’.

    The patent was granted in Eurpe in the 1930’s.

    Can you find some info on it ?

    1. Looking at the European Patent Register, I’m afraid nothing’s showing up – do you have any more information about it?

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