Gaming in Libraries in the News

Gary (IN) Public Library’s Game Time Galore program offer high and low tech games ranging from Operation to Wii Bowling. Registered participants had to check out two books to get into each session.Librarians at the Montgomery Public Library responded in writing to a political cartoon criticizing gaming at the library. Staff members Carol Legarreta and Kathie Weinberg pointed out that circulation teen books has increased more than 50 percent in the past year.

Professor Megan Winget at the School for Information at the University of Texas (Austin) is working through a grant of over $250K to study collection and preservation of MMOGs. Library Journal’s interview with her appeared at the end of July.

Librarians represented at Comic Con! Merideth Jenson-Benjamin, Mike Pawuk, Eva Volin and David Serchay spoke on a panel. Eva & David even made it on NPR to discuss!

Other Gaming News:

Guitar Hero III: Backstage Pass may now be available on a cell phone near you! It debuted to Sprint customers Thursday August 24 August 18.

The ESA released a report on 2008 stats (even though the year isn’t over yet???) Their annual survey continues to claim that more middle aged women play videogames than boys age 6-17. Check out the newest version of Industry Facts to bolster your videogame advocacy efforts!