Gaming in the News

According to the most recent Pew Internet & American Life report: Online Activities & Pursuits: Adults & Video Games, over 53% of Americans play video games! Senior gamers are the most hardcore of the bunch with nearly a third of gamers 65+ getting their game on every day as opposed to only about 20% of the younger adult gamers. Science Daily reports on a UC Berkeley study that shows how socioeconomics factor into the way young brains function and develop; children from poorer backgrounds have “detectable differences” in the response of their prefrontal cortex (responsible for problem solving and creativity).  The impairment can be corrected with the the help of special activities, including dramatic play.The Chicago Tribune posted an annotated list of Board Games for Winter Revelery: games that make great gifts and are ideal for playing with a group, indoors. Pictureka! Dominion, and the Chain Game are featured; several of the non-mainstream titles are being sold at places like Barnes and Noble and the Calendar Store.