Gaming & Libraries Opportunity

Hive Mechanic, made by the Game Center at American University is seeking 20 libraries to become hubs for making games and stories tied to local history and culture.

Open call: more than 20 public libraries will be selected starting August 15 to “engage beyond our walls” with game design for public spaces. Each library will receive modest funding, live workshops with our game designers, and support to launch public events. 

Our approach: There is a growing need for digital media in public space – and “low-tech” for everyone. By joining this program, libraries can become a hub for making neighborhood games and outdoor stories – from escape rooms with local history to audio tours with resident voices. 

The authoring tool is called Hive Mechanic, and it does not require any programming experience to use; it was made by the Game Center at American University in collaboration with the DC Public Library with funding from a IMLS Project grant. 

Urban, tribal and rural public libraries are all welcome. Information sessions by Zoom will be available in July and early August.

That link again is:

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