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    1. All you have to do to participate is register your library and play a game in the library during this week.

    1. By participating! We would love to see you at the lounge at ALA or at Play. If you can’t make the conference, join us for International Games Week by holding a gaming event at your library – if you need ideas, we’ve got plenty!

  1. It’s not clear how we can get games from sponsors… The sponsor listings have links that just go to the sponsors’ websites…

  2. Hi i am from indonesia and I saw no library joined the international game week. I would like to suggest university of indonesia’s library (perpustakaan UI) and Indonesian national library (perpustakaan nasional).

    1. Hi, We would love to have representatives work with our committee to include Indonesian libraries. Anyone interested in helping can email us. We’ll also reach out to these two libraries for next year’s event. Thanks!

  3. Hi, I just registered our events for IGW in Rugby, UK. Is there anywhere we can see which other libraries in the UK are participating?

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