Getting Involved!

Interested in joining us? Think you might be interested in one of the projects we do, like making social media posts, or designing elaborate mystery hunts?

There are a couple of different ways that you can join us! And it can be something as easy as writing a list of cool games, or something as time intensive as volunteering for the board. We made this Airtable to step you through the process.

Here is a little more information on some of the opportunities.

Volunteer for the GameRT Executive Board

The Board consists of three Presidents, a Secretary, a Treasurer and four Members-at-Large. The Presidents serve for three years. Every year there is a President Elect, a President, and a Past President. The Treasurer, the Secretary and the Members-at-Large all serve for two years. You have to be a member of GameRT to be on the Board. Use this link to add your membership to an existing ALA membership

You can nominate yourself for a Board spot in the fall. Nominations close on December and then elections happen as part of ALA’s elections in March.

Committee Work. – Urgent! Committees turn over the end of June!

Our committees change membership at the end of ALA Annual in June. You have to be a member of GameRT to be on a committee, because we use ALA Connect to communicate. Again, use this link to add your membership to an existing ALA membership GameRT is just $10 to join. Most committees meet once a month, and the commitment is for one year. There is a break-down of most of the committees and what they do on the website here:

  • The Game On! Grant Committee
  • The International Games Committee
  • Lists & Awards Committee – Their purpose is to curate recommended lists of games to share with the membership. To research the award giving process within ALA guidelines and standards. To develop specific guidelines, processes, and the timeline for the award cycle.¬†
  • Long Range and Strategic Planning Committee
  • The Membership and Outreach Committee
  • Mystery Hunt unofficial committee – They make games for the membership to play either virtually or in person at ALA conventions like Annual and LLX.
  • The Programming Committee

Something Easier

Think you want to do some work for us that maybe does not include a one year commitment?

GameRT is always in need of people to write lists, features for the blog, mentor on the RPG guild and more. We would also love to work with people on putting out stellar presentations.

Here is the Volunteer form again :

Also email us at

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