Global Gossip Game emails sent – and blocked?

Hi folks,

Just a quick note to say that I’ve now spent hours trying to get the GGG signup email sent, and it keeps getting blocked. (Apologies if you’ve received it more than once!) I’m not sure why something that worked last year won’t now!

I think it’s now gone to most people, but bounce messages can sometimes take hours to show up so I don’t know for sure. In the interests of making sure those who want to secure a timeslot actually have a chance to do so, I’ll repost the instructions for those wanting to sign up for this year’s game below.

Hi everyone!

I’m writing because you expressed interest in playing the Global Gossip Game during International Games Day @ your library 2015. Thank you!

What’s involved

To play the Global Gossip Game, you need:

  • to be celebrating IGD@yl on Saturday November 21, 2015 (but see the third point below),
  • to print out the instructions and sign you will receive (standard A4 printing, one page is best as colour but B&W is fine),
  • one person who can make overseeing it a (non-exclusive) priority for half an hour,
  • the ability to receive a phone call at the start of your half-hour slot (you will probably want to use non-public phone number for this, to ensure the call can get through),
  • the ability to make a phone call (potentially interstate or international) at the end of your slot (using Skype or Google Hangouts may be an option, but can’t be assumed),
  • another 10 minutes or so to type up the log of how the phrase changed, email it to me, and post it on the GGG website.

If you’re still interested, the next step is to indicate what times you would like to play. By filling out the form at the link below (after some important info) you can indicate what times are possible, and what time would be ideal for you. Please do this ASAP.


Three important points

You might not get in. In certain parts of the world, including here in Australia and in the USA, there is so much demand that I am unlikely to be able to fit everybody in. Apologies! I will do my very best to get as many libraries in – and at their ideal time – as I can. However, if I can’t squeeze you in this year, please try again next year – and remind us that you missed out. You are also more likely to get a slot if you are able to start early – there is not much competition before 9:00 am. (But if you open that early on a Saturday morning, my commiserations!)

Choose your timezone for the 21st of November, not the current date. In some parts of the world, daylight savings may have ended or begun between now and when you will be playing the Global Gossip Game. (The change will probably happen this weekend if it hasn’t already.) When you get to the timezone page, you need to choose the timezone you are going to be in on Saturday, November 21. Make sure you choose the correct one! I’ve listed some countries to help, and there’s an “other timezones” link if the timezone isn’t on there.

You have to play on the day… but you can launch your own branch. The Global Gossip Game is exciting in part because it’s a continuous stream on the day. However, in 2013, one US library attached to a school district passed their final phrase on to not only the next official library on the day, but through their schools over the following week. (See for more information.) If you want to do this, either from your own library or from playing at someone else’s, feel free. (You don’t have to let me know about it, but if you do I will try to include it in my final report!)



Click here and choose the correct timezone. Then fill out the form to choose what time of day you would like the game!


Some promotional information

If you’re considering how to promote participation in the GGG (once you’ve got your timeslot confirmed, of course!), you can use the information at,, and to talk about the last 3 years. I obviously can’t yet confirm a lot for this year, but I can say that 927 libraries have asked to join in, in 20 countries: Australia, Bahamas, Canada, China, Colombia, Denmark, England, Finland, Germany, Honduras, Hungary, India, Italy, Mexico, Norway, Poland, Scotland, South Africa, Sweden, UK, USA. (There are also some additional possibilities that are not yet confirmed.)


I think that’s everything! Please feel free to be in touch if you have any questions. Please bear in mind that I am running this mostly solo, and doing so as a volunteer around other professional and family commitments – but I hope to make it as simple and fun as possible, so let me know how I can help.

Best wishes to you all!

Philip Minchin
Play, imagination & learning specialist




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