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Do you want to write about games in libraries? Help make the ALA GameRT blog awesome with a post or a series of posts! Let us know if you’re up for the task here: https://games.ala.org/contact-us.

These posts can be about board games, card games, video games, or any kind of game. It could also be something entirely different – like an escape room! If you want ideas on what to write, here are some ideas to prompt you:

  • Share a success story about a game event your library held
  • Write a summary about a new game you think is the bees knees and why librarians need to know about it
  • Write about a classic game and why every library should have it
  • Write about successfully gamifying learning in your library
  • Write about a game you love (whether or not it would work in a library setting)
  • Write about the latest trends in gaming

This is a volunteer effort. Any help is appreciated!

Thank you in advance!



  1. We are a secondary school library in the North East of England. We paricipated in IGW for the first time this year and it was a resounding success with the pupils. As part of it we held a chess tournament. As a result we will probably now set up a chess club and are even considering one lunch time a week dedicated to games.

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