Special guest post: IGD inspiration – live Pac-Man anyone?

This is a great idea for an IGD activity from Amanda Bradley of Aulds Library in Bossier City, LA – a live game of Pac-Man! Just be careful to remind the players not to actually eat the dots…

Bringing Pac-Man Back to Your Library

I will have to start by saying I am very excited to be writing this blog and I hope everyone gets something, rather it be motivation or inspiration, out of it. This is my first year participating in the International Games Day at my library and I truly cannot wait for November. In the spirit of complete honesty I got this idea from the wonderful world of Pinterest. I was browsing in my normal fashion and stumbled across this picture of a Pac-Man game taped out on the floor and was super excited. I just knew I needed to make this happen at my library and knew just when it needed to happen: International Games Day!

I am actually hosting my IGD event on Thursday November 14, 2013 from 9am to 5pm. I will be using the library meeting room and creating a giant Pac-Man game. The maze portion of the game will be mapped out and laid down with another all-time favorite: duct tape. The little dots are coins laid on the floor. I have just begun prepping for the library’s fall activities, but I am pretty sure I will just use foam circles or something similar.

I have already had some library staff express interest in helping out that day. They will become the ghosts. I am going to get some colorful sheets for them to throw over themselves or even make ghost cut outs from cardboard. I have not decided which would be more awesome to use. In addition to the giant Pac-Man game I will have some board games and snacks for people to enjoy in the meeting room as well. Patrons will be able to come in and enjoy the games and snacks throughout the day.

Thanks Amanda! Sounds like a simple, low-cost way to give your patrons some out-of-the-ordinary fun!

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