IGD Special Event Space Team!


As promised, the Spaceteam IGD Special Event is here! Libraries around the world can download this free game and display their skills at keeping their spaceship in working order through cooperative shouting.

Instructions for Organizers:

  • Make sure your players have the latest version of Spaceteam: 2.1  (available now on the App Store or Google Play)
  • Make sure your players use the official Event Code: IGD and pick their own team name. This must be done in the app in Upgrades -> Events (see image)
  • Players will need an internet connection for their score to show up on the leaderboard but they can play offline and the results will be cached and sent as soon as they are connected again.

This is the web page you should use at the event:

(Ideally, this page would be prominently displayed somewhere everyone can see it, eg. on a projector or large monitor or TV.)

As each team finishes a game, their score will show up on the leaderboard and on the map (there is a separate tab labelled “Map”). The page automatically refreshes every 60 seconds to show the latest data as it comes in.

You are encouraged to test this feature ahead of time using a different arbitrary event code of your choice (eg. “igdtest” and corresponding web page: There is a chance that your library Wifi network will not allow devices to connect to each other. If this is the case then you may have to set up a Wifi hotspot or have a dedicated Wifi router for the event.

The International Games Day Committee wants to give special thanks to Henry Smith for this great event!

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