IGW 2019 Survey

We hope you had a fun International Games Week!

Now it’s time to tell us the specifics so that we can let everyone know what happened in libraries around the world. Please take a few moments to fill out the survey at http://bit.ly/IGW2019Survey within the next week.

Your contribution is important because it’s the numbers and stories that illustrate the true power of libraries in general and gaming in libraries in particular. Next year, when we begin approaching donors, partners, and the media, we’ll be sharing this year’s results with them so it’s important that you tell us what happened at your library. We’d also love to hear your suggestions on how to improve the event for next year.

Thanks for participating this year, and we look forward to gaming with you again next year!


  1. We had a successful games week at Charminster Library. We had a Lego challenge after school everyday and on Saturday that went very well. Children had a different challenge everyday to build. We also had “Wreck it Ralph” for our usual Disney crafting session with fun game-related activities. Our Classic Games Group enjoyed meeting that week too.

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