IGW Promotional Materials

International Games Week is November 7-13, 2021.

We invite libraries of all types to join in the celebration and take advantage of the following free publicity tools. Libraries, be sure to register for the event in order to enter our drawing and be included on the international map! We’ll be updating the map several times a week.

Future dates:

  • 2022 – TBD
  • 2023 – TBD

Logos & Posters
Posters and logos are for use in libraries hosting International Games Week events. Posters may be modified to add information, logos, or dates for your event. The International Games Week logo, ALA logo, and all other logos may not be removed from the poster.

To download a logo, follow the link and then right-click on the image to save it.


This year, we have several versions of the poster to allow for the proper size for different countries and for libraries that might hold their event on a different date.

The PDF version of these posters allows you to add custom text to your specific library and event.  Leave them blank if you want white space, or type your own event details into the PDF before printing it.

Feel free to contact us if you need access to a different file type.

PNG Files (A3)

PNG Files (A4)

PDF Files (A3)

PDF files (A4)

Social Media Tiles

Sample Press Materials

Promotional text for sharing through library networks
If you’re based in Scandinavia, the USA, Australia, or Italy we already have volunteers promoting the week in your area. But if you’re based in any other countries, and want to share the event with other libraries, why not tell them about it? Below is some text for you to send around through your library networks.

(Note that this will need to be adapted to your local needs – possibly translation, of course, but also things like the number of continents mentioned if your home culture considers that North and South America, and/or Europe and Asia, are single continents and not two separate continents, as Australia and the US typically describe them. Feel free to tweak to suit your audience!)

Free worldwide event for libraries!

International Games Week (IGW) is an annual celebration of games, play, libraries and learning that any library in the world can join, and costs absolutely nothing to register for!

IGW has only the most flexible of entry requirements – you have to have some sort of game-related activity in or around your library, during or near the week, which in 2021 is November 7th through 13th. That’s all! The games can be videogames on a library console, tabletop games, social games, party games, traditional folk games – whatever you think will work for your individual library and community, and this year we’re helping out by spotlighting some of the options available online to deliver games in a world dealing with pandemic.

Registration involves filling out a questionnaire that tells us a bit about your library and your plans for the event, and then gives you information about the donation options available to your library. You can also sign up for some international inter-library events that will give your community the chance to connect to other library communities all over the world.

We also have a promotional materials with posters, logos, and press materials to help you promote the event in your library. And there’s a blog at https://games.ala.org which publishes updates weekly on a range of topics to help inspire ideas, discussion, and of course learning around games and play in libraries.

International Games Week is a non-commercial, volunteer-run library initiative under the auspices of the American Library Association in partnership with the Australian Library and Information AssociationNordic Game Week, Finnish Game Week, and Associazione Italiana Biblioteche sponsored by a number of quality game publishers and distributors.

Social media and contacts
Follow International Games Week on Twitter at @ala_gamert! Tweet your stories using the tag #ALAIGW, and we’ll publicize them. Like us on Facebook and join the conversation there.