International Games Month

International Games Month is an initiative run by volunteers from around the world to reconnect communities through their libraries around the educational, recreational, and social value of all types of games.

International Games Month is all of November.

Featured Print-and-Play Games

Print-and-Play PDF

1 Stat Skirmish: This is a tactical skirmish system with simple rules, where all stats of a miniature are boiled down to a single stat.  The system is miniatures agnostic and suitable for all kinds of genres.  Included are rules for solitaire gaming, too!  

Bandada: It’s the early days of spring and birds are zipping about looking for berries and flowers.Players draft cards from an array that have an action listed on the top and a scoring method listed on the bottom.  It can be played solitaire or with two players.  

Depleted: A solo adventure game set on a weary dying Earth where the player mat represents your ship. Pay Fuel to explore locations to find resources and allies, and encounter creatures. Board Game Geek account required.  

Iron Mountain: The Shadows Within: In this game noir, players embody outcasts reduced to shadows from slaving away in underground mines.  Over a series of turns, players try to reclaim their past lives and escape the mountain into the light.  Board Game Geek account required.  

Kukulkan: Easy and smart roll-and-write game where players build the Temple of Kukulkán, a Mayan step pyramid also known as “El Castillo”.  On each turn, players choose to place stones or mark stone for victory points.  Board Game Geek account required.  

Pixel Farm: Players strive to be the most fruitful famer in this deck building game mixed with puzzles and pixel art inspired graphics.  You draw cards to create new farms but beware the plagues that reduce your harvest!  Board Game Geek account required.  

Tudor Trail: In this solo game, you follow the timeline from the reign of King Henry VII to the final years of Queen Elizabeth and attempt to stop rebellions, destroy the Spanish armada, and keep your rivals from the English throne.  Game also available for purchase.

Arctic Dash: Narwhal Race: All the tasty fish have been eaten and it’s time to make the yearly trek to the wintering grounds. Dash beneath the ice and be the first to the other side!

IGM 2021 Online Gaming Resources

Virtual Gaming Resources PDF

ALA Games and Gaming Round Table Discord Server: Join other GameRT librarians for gaming discussion and play!

Tabletopia: Online board gaming suitable for online Library game nights, with both free and subscription versions.

Board Game Arena: Like Tabletopia, an online browser-based platform for running board games remotely.

Roll20: A powerful online tool for running tabletop RPG adventures, with great support for a wide range of rule sets.

Guide to online board games (pdf): A fairly comprehensive guide to options for online board games by Evan Leed. Also available in an accessible website, converted into HTML by Alina of Cozy Static Games.

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