July update

Hey everyone! Another short one – this time owing to the aftermath of Annual, rather than preparations.

Nonetheless, it’s been a month of steady growth, with another 150 registrations taking us just over 300, and with activities in 9 countries now – possibly 10, as we’re looking into a registration we’ve just received from Bangladesh (our first time there – hello Dhaka!) that may be online-only.

Frustratingly, the export to the map isn’t working properly yet (for instance, Rome, NY, USA is coming up as Rome, Italy), and our volunteers are wasting time they’d rather be spending producing updates on debugging that process. We’ll update you as soon as it gets fixed.

In more positive news, it’s early days yet, but we’re seeing what looks like the start of a jump as well, as people get back from Annual and get approval to participate in IGD. If that trend turns out the way it’s looking, it seems as though our efforts at Annual paid off! Don’t forget that the donations are limited in number – if there’s going to be a rush, you might want to beat it…

On our side of things, now that Annual’s out of the way our volunteers will be stepping up our outreach through other channels. In particular, we’ll be sending out invitations through various email lists both within the US and internationally. (Another reminder: if you have your own colleagues you’d like to invite, and who you think we might miss or would respond better to peers, there’s pre-written text you can use here [inactive].)

Thanks folks!

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