June update

Hello folks! Welcome to our first monthly update.

It’ll be a brief one, as most of what we’ve been doing is gathering our volunteers and preparing promotional materials for big events like ALA Annual. So while we’ve been buzzing away in the background, there’s not a lot of interest to anyone outside our little team quite yet.

In particular, we’ve yet to do any big mailouts to past participants or similar targeted announcements. This makes it particularly pleasing to be able to say that, pretty much on the strength of having announced it on our blog, we already have 153 registrations from Australia, Canada, Norway, the UK and the USA!

Welcome to all you early birds! If it were possible to discount a registration fee of $0 we totally would.

As for readers yet to register, don’t forget that our fabulous donations are available on a first-come-first-served basis. While some are effectively unlimited, especially those internationally available, there are some pretty great games being given away that you might miss out on if you leave it too late…

Finally, a request, especially to readers not in the USA, Australia or Scandinavia, where we already have an official presence. Obviously you already have some idea of how amazing IGD can be for your local library – maybe you even have firsthand experience of it already. Well, can you help us promote the day in your national and regional library networks? We’ve added some sample text to the Press Kit page – please feel free to circulate it to any library folks you think would be interested!

Thanks everyone!

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