Let’s Chill: Games & Learning Virtual Happy Hour

Wednesday, May 27th, 4:30pm CDT

Come chill with us at a happy hour all about games! 

Bring your drink to our Zoom Room…we’ll have a 10 minute presentation from Chas Grundy on how play, levity, and fun is helping to get us (and maybe our learners) through COVID-19.  After that, we’ll break out into small groups to talk about – and ask each other about – games and fun in the time of COVID.  We’ll end by coming back to the main room to give a quick synopsis of discussions.   

Join us!  You’ll leave with a host of new friends and the link to a Google Doc with discussion notes.

Let’s Chill: Games & Learning Virtual Happy Hour

(Brought to you by the Educause Games & Learning Steering Committee)

May 27th, 4:30pm CDT

Register here,

or paste this URL in your browser window: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScJATazzNnZ1gVCdiT9habmoS02YUbHBV7R2c2uMYw5N19Jlg/viewform

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