Librarian Guild forms in World of Warcraft on Kirin Tor server

Inspired by a presentation on gaming at the Cape Cod and Islands Library Association meeting, WoWer Con n formed “The Librarian,” which means members are running around with “The Librarian” hanging over their heads as they complete quests. In just a matter of weeks, the Librarian is up to 75 members and has a Guild Bank with 4 tabs, “Just like in real life,” writes Conan, “The Librarian is all about community, sharing, learning, and fun!” Further details, including Roster, Schedule of Events, and News, are on The Librarian guild webpage.

The main purpose of the Guild is to build community, not power level other players. The guildmaster states, “We don’t want to have too many rules. At the end of the day, it’s just a game.” In an effort to be drama free, only one rule stands: be civil. A brief etiquette for instances (group questing in dungeons) guide is provided, with commonsense guidelines like, “don’t pick ‘need’ if you don’t really need it.” The rules conclude with, “In the words of Nancy Pearl, it’s not all about you.”

A party for all Guild Members and interested Recruits takes place this in World of Warcraft this Saturday, June 6, beginning at 10AM Server Time. Location? The Stormwind Royal Library of course! If you are new to the game, the Royal Library is located in Stormwind Keep in the Northeast corner of city at the approximate coordinates are 74, 20. Head to the Keep, take the first left, then a right, a left, and another right. Prizes and fun are to be had; GM Con encourages this as not just a meet & great, but an opportunity to swap crafted items, too.

New to World of Warcraft? A free download of the software is often available from Blizzard’s website. You can also borrow install disks from a friend, download the updates and use a trial code from a buddy’s prepaid access card to get your own 10-day free trial. A WoW subcription costs about $.50 a day. Prepaid cards can be purchased from gamestores, or you can use a credit card online.